Our Services

Beginner/Children Riders

We have boots, riding pants, half chaps, and helmets in kids and ladies sizes from IRH, Ovation, Irideon, and others.

Prices that won’t break the bank.

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Horse Care/Maintenance

We carry a full line of horse care supplies. Hoof care, skin and coat, fly sprays, wormers, treats, wound care, liniments, and leather cleaners and conditioners.

Brands include Farnam, Absorbine, Fiebings, Cowboy Magic, First Companion, Straight Arrow, Lexol, and others.

Stable supplies from halters to horseshoes.

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Blanket Cleaning and Repair

We are experts at this! We were cleaning & repairing blankets before most stores existed!

In other words, experience. Cleaning and repairing horse clothing of all types for decades. We have the right machinery (not an old washer in the back) and use time-proven methods. Your blanket never leaves our building. We only use strong nylon threads, matching your colors for your blanket repair as much as possible. It’s not unusual for us to see our previous repair work on a blanket. The horse may have torn the blanket again, but not in the same place. Our repairs hold up!

  • All blankets, sheets and pads
  • English and Western
  • Re-waterproofing
  • Repairs, modifications and adjustments

We Commonly:

  • Patch tears
  • Reattach surcingles
  • Add leg strap ‘d’s
  • Add darts
  • Close fronts
  • Add fleece to withers
  • Re-waterproof
  • Modify
  • Customize fit


  • 40+ years of experience
  • No shrinkage
  • Complete inventory of materials right here
  • Your blankets never leave the building
  • Color match as much as poss.
  • No storage fees No ‘lost blankets’

Saddles & Tack

English and Western!

We have a good selection of English and Western riding equipment. Pads, girths, bridles, bits, leathers and other items to take care of your riding needs.
There is typically a nice selection of used saddles in stock. It’s a great way to get more saddle for less money.

Tack Trunks

Apples for apples, these are as good as any you find, at a VERY reasonable price!

The best construction methods, quality woods, and your modifications, if you’d like. Standard size or a smaller “traveling” size. See below for more photos and details.

  • Standard pine or exotic woods
  • In-stock or customized
  • Wheels, nets, nameplates, etc.

Standard Features

  • Standard pine plywood, oak, birch, or you pick
  • Brass plated hardware -std
  • Glue/nail strong construction
  • Feet to keep it off the floor
  • 2 removable trays included
  • Full length piano hinge
  • 2 coats urethane - std.
  • Standard size
  • Travel size - a couple inches smaller than the standard trunk overall. Lighter to carry, and fits in trailers or through doors easier.


  • Solid brass hardware
  • Brass corners
  • Lid nets
  • Tray or interior modifications
  • Wheels
  • Nameplates
  • Additional coats of urethane
  • Interior urethane
  • Locking lid supports
  • Cedar lined lid
  • Available ‘naked’ (you stain it)
  • Your custom mod or idea - just ask

Tack Repair

We have the experience to do any repair work that your horse can dream of.

Our business started as a harness making company in 1885. We’ve seen the changes in riding equipment materials, designs, and mfg methods. We fix it correctly and in a timely fashion. Or tell us when you have to have it. We can usually do it.

  • Leather or synthetic
  • Strap goods and saddles
  • English or Western
  • Repairs, modifications, or custom

We commonly :

  • Replace halter buckles, snaps, and parts
  • Replace billets
  • Various saddle repairs
  • Replace girth elastic
  • Repair rein hooks
  • Stitch stirrup leathers
  • Shorten bridle parts
  • Move buckles around
  • Customize lead lines
  • Repair nylon eqpt.
  • Make custom straps
  • Replace rubber rein grips
  • Repair /modify chaps and 1/2 chaps
  • Replace chap zippers
  • Replace 1/2 chap elastic
  • Clean / oil all tack

120 years of experience

  • No wondering if the repair will look good or be done right
  • Work will be done the way you want it done if something special is necessary
  • In a hurry? Say so. We can usually have your repair done in a hurry if need be.
  • Your equipment never leaves our building.
  • Most work is done within a week.
  • We won’t fix it if it’s too far gone or not economical for you.
  • Estimates provided if desired


Many of our customers are sending us their blanket or leather repair work by UPS or USPS. Just include a note with the items.

We’ll do the work and be in contact regarding return shipping and payment.

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